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Best Beauty Careers in 2021

Best Beauty Careers in 2021

What are the Best Beauty Careers in 2021

Now that we have touched on the cosmetology and manicure technician duties, let’s look into what a cosmetologist or aesthetician’s schedule look like. From what I have observed, it seems that most of our talented talented nails techs have attended beauty school and gotten their training in both clinical and hands-on esthetics. They next move on to a cosmetology or aesthetician’s shop and do the dirty deed that all cosmetologists are aware of: applying polish, making pedicles, foot-work, and much more. Now the question is: do you have what it takes to be a lash tech?

Lash Technician

A lash technician specialist works in-house and is pretty much run by one or two managers. They are the ones that do the much-needed inside cuts, resharpening, pepperng, and a whole host of other handicapped Beautybiz duties. So what is a lash technician job duties like? Ana from Lash Training Center in San Diego recently told us that A lash technician job duties are hands-on once again, and this time the hands-on part includes a lot of application.


A cosmetologist or aesthetician’s job duties require them to thoroughly clean, apply, and finish their work in a particular order. First of all, they must prepare all of their merchandise for the day. merchandise must be stored in a manner that allows for maximum efficiency and therefore the cosmetologist or aesthetician’s chosen methods. Once they have gotten their products ready, they must then find a …