What Is Kratom and is it Safe to Use?

What Is Kratom and is it Safe to Use?

The Scientific Research Behind Kratom

Although kratom is often touted as a safe relaxation, scientific research has shown that there may be ways to combination it with other herbs, which can then have mild psychotherapeutic effects.

Two categories for these effects are those produced by the plant known as jasmine (oil extracted from the flower of the kratom plant) and those produced by the plant itself (the “kratom plant”).

Effects of Kratom

Kratom has a mild psychotropic effect, producing feelings of calm and relaxation. However, development of tolerance to the effects of kratom to act as a psychostimulant, meaning that users can feel the effects much quicker than a normal dose. If used regularly, of course, the psychostimulant effect can be relaxed by taking a break for a while, by taking a slow drink.

Kratom capsules have another important effect on blood flow. Because the plant produces a non-specific stimulating effect on the nervous system, it has been shown to increase oxygen to the brain and body tissue. In particular, it helps people to feel more alert and have more vivid dreams.

Because kratom is all natural, many people suggest that it’s safer to use than popular libido enhancing drugs like Viagra. But, remember that any natural supplement is likely to have harmful side effects, even more so with prescription drugs.

Side effects from kratom include:

o Drugs have a tendency to suppress the symptoms of certain diseases rather than address the problem.

o The use of certain antibiotics sometimes disrupt the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

o Certain medicines (for example, birth control pills) can decrease the body’s natural capacity to absorb B vitamins.

o Some herbs may possess serious toxic properties.

As with any supplement, it’s very important to consult a physician before beginning its use.

Just because kratom has no clinically recognized benefits over Viagra, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider trying this form of natural medicine for your own well-being.

Just remember that kratom is a very powerful kind of alcohol and any supplement should be taken in moderation. Most importantly, remember to watch your doctor before trying any new supplement or medicine.

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