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Month: March 2021

How to Prepare When Traveling to Puerto Rico

How to Prepare When Traveling to Puerto Rico

1. Americans can leave their travel papers at home.

Puerto Rico is a ward country, and U.S. residents aren’t needed to go through traditions or present their identification on appearance to the island or when returning back to the U.S. Nonetheless, section into Puerto Rico by unfamiliar residents requires a U.S. visa gave by the U.S. Government office in the voyager’s nation of cause.

2. The legitimate drinking age is 18.

Undergrads, observe: The legitimate age to buy and devour cocktails in Puerto Rico is 18. Confirmation old enough is as yet needed at bars, eateries, and clubs, so bring your ID when you go out. It ought to likewise be noticed that Puerto Rican law is not kidding about driving drunk, and there are fines for individuals who convey open liquor holders in broad daylight, very much like in the United States.

3. You should tip.

Similar as in the United States, tipping inn staff, eatery workers, and taxi drivers is normal. By and large, stewards ought to get one dollar for every sack and housekeeping staff ought to get in any event two dollars each day. In caf├ęs, leave the waitstaff 15 to 20 percent of the check. Taxi drivers by and large get 15% of the passage.

4. The sea shores are dazzling.

Most Americans think about the sea shore when they consider Puerto Rico. The island offers 300 public sea shores oversaw by the Puerto Rico National Parks Company. Lifeguards, bathrooms, showers, seat rentals, and snack …