How to Choose the Right Heated Mittens for Winter

How to Choose the Right Heated Mittens for Winter

Keeping the fingers warm during icy conditions has always been a challenge to scuba-divers, mountain climbers, and cold season bike riders, even with the sturdiest shoes and jackets. It becomes harder when temperatures fall significantly below the freezing point. Fortunately, technology has never failed to compromise. The development of self-heating gloves has ensured that individuals maintain their comfort even in these extreme conditions. Nevertheless, a variety of products in the market makes it very challenging to decide and choose the right gloves.

What to Look for In the Right Heated Mittens

The following guide highlights how to choose the right heated gloves for winter, and what you should look out for when selecting the best heated mittens for your needs.

  • The type of material and insulation. Gloves are generally designed to keep your hands warm. So, they will be insulated. You should consider what kind of material or insulator is used to develop the glove. Leather is always warmer than fabric, but if you suspect that moisture might be part of your environment, it is better to go for PrimaLoft, since they dry faster.
  • Dexterity and coverage. Dexterity will determine how well you will be in control of your glove, while coverage refers to how much your hands will be covered. If you are participating in active sports like riding or snow climbing, you might need a more flexible glove that covers most parts of your arms from snow and particles.
  • Also be sure to read the reviews when choosing the best heated mittens
  • Water resistance, wind-proof, and breathable. Most gloves designed for cold and humid weather are water-proof, but not all of them are wind-proof. When selecting a glove for a particular activity, you should note whether you might require these features. Breathable gloves have perspiration holes which ensure that your hands stay dry even after coming in contact with water or moisture


People do not feel cold the same way, but everyone loves a warm and comfortable environment. Some self-heated gloves are quite expensive, but you do not have to spend a fortune. Learning how to choose the right heated gloves for winter will enable you to stay grizzly warm as you carry on with your activities.

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